Birthing new ways of life

Do you want to align your potentials with the power that creates worlds? Do you want to coexist in harmony amidst differences? Let us promote simple and conscious ways of living.



“We are not human beings looking up for a spiritual experience, but in fact spiritual beings who have come here for a human experience.” Discover and stay connected to your source of well being, abundance and love. Release the blocks that slow and stop you from enjoying a free and successful life. Understand the creation process and become a conscious creator of your life.


Breathing Space

A healing and transformative space for individuals and groups. Breath is our ultimate companion through our life providing us with nourishment, life force and wisdom to live our life to the fullest. Together we explore our inner worlds breathing in the life force and breathing out resistances. Our wise facilitators are skilled and trained to assist you in exploring and your inner world.

Work is Fun

Creating innovative and joyful work spaces by energizing and aligning individual goals with the organisational vision through all levels of the hierarchy. Leveraging the diversity of individual backgrounds, gender qualities and connecting to universal forces that hold us together. Group sessions can also be customized for organizations.

Spark- Igniting Minds

We see the immense potential tapped in the young population of the world. This tells us about the opportunities and the role we play in awakening every soul to blossom to the zenith of excellence. Spark series of workshops offers a new perspectives to young minds in observing life, overcome the game of duality and live life with passion, love, uniqueness and fun.

Soulful Weekends

Specifically designed group sessions that help you to acknowledge core issues and experience inner transformation. It helps you to interact with like spirited co-travelers, being non judgmental and finding acceptance.

Inner Journey

Everything that we are looking forward to experience in this world is first found with in us. What we experience as our reality is a reflection of our inner world. Our thoughts, our desires and dreams, our beliefs - propelling or destructing - and memories play a part in designing our future. How we understand our inner world and tune in to the source and resources within us decide the quality of our life. Inner Journies are individual sessions offered to help you to connect to infinite intelligence, find clarity and to live your best version.

Be a Life Coach

Do you have the calling to be a catalyst for another's growth? Are you inspired to uplift and empower others ? Are you willing to shed your own baggage to discover the light within you? Our Life Coaching Program trains you to open up to your inner wisdom, compassion, ability to understand another's situation and lead them to their highest potential.


“Together, life can bloom into something unimaginable!”



An experienced Life Coach, who has empowered over thousands people using the miracle of breath and body - mind connection. Clients may also discover past life, trans-generational patterns and inner-child energies "Creating happy people, training Life Coaches and evangelizing InnerLight globally are my passions".



A passionate learner and an awesome teacher. Creative and fun loving. "I lead the untrodden path through the means of love and forge a very new perspective to observe life ".


“Polish the mirror of your heart until it reflects every person's light.” ― Kamand Kojouri


Innerlight is the story of how we blossom and continually evolve through our dreams and desires. We are beings of light and love having a human experience. Innerlight is the evolution of people of all ages, across ethinicities who are directly or indirectly uplifted during our interactions. Innerlight is the ripple effect caused by the illumination of hearts and minds to the truth of our existence.

People come to us seeking answers to questions like “Why do we exist ? What is the meaning of my life ? Why are these things are happening in my life ? How can i change my life? What happens after we die? Where did we come from?” And at times when they are touched by pain of life experiences with words like “ I have some bizarre experiences... I have some heaviness in my heart and i don't want to carry them to my grave... I want to start this multi billion company and have some stumbling blocks... I can’t feel aligned with the vision of my own company... I am divorced for eight years now but still i wear my mangalsutra and kumkum and tell my coworkers that my husband work in X city and comes over weekends. I want to live my true life... My husband doesn't earn a penny and beats me everyday in front of my daughter...”

After the Innerlight touch we often come across words like “ It feels great to know what life is... How we create it... It is amazing to live the life to the fullest being a conscious creator... Thank You so much I have my husband back... I feel evolved... I am enjoying the peace of mind... I found my happiness through all this... I am enjoying my new profession... I have overcome my fear of flying... I delivered two healthy girls and i wanted you to be the first person to know it...”. Innerlight is simple discovery that we create our life with our thoughts and emotions. The story of innerlight never ends with “.... and they lived happily ever after” but “.....and they learned to be happy no matter what”

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“Truly speaking I am very relaxed, happy and free from all tensions. I am taking back happiness today, knowing who I am” … Participant “Enhance your Brand Value”, Malvern, Pennsylvania

“Focusing on the breath was like being reborn! It is discovering a way to go deeper into myself and my emotions.” D.T. (Potter), Participant “Master Your Breath, Master Your Life”, Bangalore

“Wonderful and enlightening workshop” M.K. Participant “Sacred Relationships”, Chennai


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